The group talks about Environmental matters.

Environmental Expert Group

Expert Group Leader: Anoop Tiwari (
EXCOM Vice-Chair with oversite:

4 October, 2016, marked the 25th anniversary of the signing of Environmental Protocol.  
In celebration, COMNAP has prepared a special webpage full of information and links to information on the Environmental Protocol and how it guides the work of COMNAP Member National Antarctic Programs. See: for the details.

Terms of reference

•Share National Antarctic Program (NAP) expertise on approaches to minimising the environmental impacts associated with NAP operations, and the activities that NAPs support.


•Review the work of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings and its Committee for Environmental Protection to identify and engage on developments of relevance to operators.


•Respond, via the relevant COMNAP Vice-Chair, to environmental matters referred to COMNAP.


•Identify co-operative programmes of scientific, technical and educational value that concern the protection of the Antarctic environment [Madrid Protocol, Article 6].



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