The group talks about Environmental matters.

Environmental Expert Group

Expert Group Leader: Anoop Tiwari (
EXCOM Vice-Chair with oversite: TBD

Terms of reference

•Share National Antarctic Program (NAP) expertise on approaches to minimising the environmental impacts associated with NAP operations, and the activities that NAPs support.


•Review the work of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings and its Committee for Environmental Protection to identify and engage on developments of relevance to operators.


•Respond, via the relevant COMNAP Vice-Chair, to environmental matters referred to COMNAP.


•Identify co-operative programmes of scientific, technical and educational value that concern the protection of the Antarctic environment [Madrid Protocol, Article 6].


Published Articles and links to Environmental Management Information

Download the report from the BAS Workshop on plastics: Plastics-in-the-Ocean-Final-Report_11-May-2018.pdf

Download a Paper on Microplastics in the Antarctic Marine System Science of the Total Environment 2017.pdf

Take a look at the Nordic Environmental Handbook

Read the blog about "Is plastic on your audit plan?"​

Download a copy of the EC publication Plastic Waste in the Environment: Plastic Waste in the Environment EC.pdf

Download a copy of the ASOC paper to CCAMLR SC-CAMLR XXXVI/BG/29 (16 September 2017): Marine debris.pdf

Make sure the items you are taking to the Antarctic do not contain micro-plastics:


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