​​​​​​​​​Marine Platforms Expert Group

Expert Group Leader: Miguel Ojeda (maojeda@cmima.csic.es)
EXCOM Oversite: Kelly Falkner (kfalkner@nsf.gov)

Terms of Reference for Shipping Expert Group 

  • Share national Antarctic program expertise on navigation, ships or any other issues of interest to COMNAP community.
  • Report and advance relevant issues regarding ships and navigation.
  • Extend knowledge on health, safety & environment (HSE) within the ISM standards in offshore operations in the context of the interests of COMNAP members.
  • Identify co-operative programmes of scientific or technical matters that concern ships managed from NAPs.
  • Assess and evaluate relevant recommendations and measures of maritime and navigation from international bodies.
  • Collect information of interest in terms of underwater new technologies and techniques applied to ships and marine research.


  • ​Advise and inform COMNAP on maritime issues arising from the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings.
  • Create synergies among MNAPs on marine research topics in Antarctica.
  • Share experiences and lessons learned in marine operations to increase safety on vessels.
  • Review and follow the development of IMO recommendations, especially on the progress of a Polar Code.
  • Report news or significant aspects in the development or implementation of new technology to support marine research or naval operational.​

ForFor IMO Polar Code information see: IMO Polar Code information.​


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