COMNAP Representative (MNAP): Evgen Dykyi, Director
Valery Lytvynov, ​Deputy Director


About the National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine (NASC)


The National Antarctic Scientific Center is the Ukrainian public body formed in 1993 responsible for coordination, managing and executing Ukrainian activities in Antarctica. In 1996 the British Faraday Station was transferred to the members of the 1st Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition and then renamed to the Akademik Vernadsky Station which is a year round station capable of supporting complex and systematic scientific research in Antarctica.





 Photo of Vernadsky Station.




Our total annual budget for the Antarctic Program is about $US2.2 million, which consists of about $US875,000 of funding for the science program and $US1.875 million on science support which includes ship freight and management of the station.



About the Organizational Structure of the NASCPhoto_2.jpg


NASC has approximately 30 permanent staff, consisting of the Chief Executive and staff responsible for the objectives of NASC which is a component of the State Agency on Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine. The organization has a Science Board to provide strategic science direction. 


Each year NASC recruits staff for Vernadsky Station.  Some appointments

(up to 13 persons) are for summer only (December to March), while others

(up to 15 persons) winter-over (March to the following March).






Our Science Program

The State Special-Purpose Research Program in Antarctica for 2011-2020 comprises ten research areas, each involving up to five two-year projects. Polar projects are usually funded by the State Program after a peer-review process of proposals.


The main research topics of the Ukrainian Antarctic Program include geology, geophysics, hydrometeorology, oceanography, biology, medico-physiological and geospace research. The research activities have been performed mainly in the Argentine Island Archipelago and adjoining islands including Graham Cost of Antarctic Peninsula.




Ukrainian Antarctic scientists are mostly from different Ukrainian universities, National Academy of Sciences Institutes and research centres. They apply for funding and support through a competitive peer-review process for science funding through the State Special-Purpose Research Program in Antarctica for 2011-2020.



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