​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​COMNAP Projects

COMNAP has developed a five-year plan which reflects the issues that are likely to be key in regards to the Antarctic in the next several years. This five-year plan is used to develop Projects that assist our Members and also may assist the Antarctic Treaty System by developing practical, technical and non-political advice.   


The Projects currently in progress and the Project Managers are: 


Strategic Projects 2015-2016


Project​​​ Project Manager​ Oversight EXCOM​
AFIM Reformat Implementation​
​Paul Morin
John Hall
​Antarctic Roadmap Challenges (ARC) 
​Michelle Rogan-Finnemore
​Kazuyuki Shiraishi
Ship Position Reporting System Review Robb Clifton 
Hyoung Chul Shin (hcshin@kopri.re.kr
Facilities Infrastructure Catalogue ​Michelle Rogan-Finnemore
​Yves Frenot


The COMNAP 5-year Plan is available to COMNAP Members via the Members-only portion of this website (login via the Members-only login box).

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 Upcoming Events

COMNAP Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016, Goa, India
The National Center for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) hosted the COMNAP XXVIII AGM 2016 in Goa, India, from 16-18 August 2016.   Read the COMNAP AGM XXVIII Communique and see the AGM photo at the link below.
More Information: COMNAP AGM XXVIII (2016)
COMNAP Symposium 2016
The COMNAP Symposium 2016 will be hosted by the National Center for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) in Goa, India, on 19 August  and (half-day) 20 August 2016. The theme of this Symposium will be "Wintering-over Challenges". The Symposium Programme/Schedule is now available.
More Information: COMNAP Symposium "Winter-over Challenges"
34th SCAR Biennial Meetings
The Biennial Meetings include the SCAR Open Science Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 20-30 August 2016.  
More Information: http://www.scar2016.com