Joint Expert Group on Human Biology & Medicine

Joint Expert Group on Human Biology & Medicine (JEGHBM)

​Expert Group Leader: Anne Hicks
EXCOM Oversight: Kelly Falkner​

Welcome to the Joint Expert Group on Human Biology & Medicine (JEGHBM) webpage.

Terms of Reference

  • Membership of the group will comprise nominees from members of SCAR and COMNAP.
  • Individuals who have particular expertise may be invited by the Chairman of the group to participate as associate members (without voting rights).
  • The Group will report to SCAR through the SSG-LS, working to further international cooperation and collaboration in basic and applied research on and healthcare of humans in Antarctica (e.g. biomedical sciences, social and behavioural sciences, and medicine) and to promote international co-operation in these fields.
  • The Group will work with SCAR and COMNAP to further international cooperation and will work to improve healthcare in Antarctica and to facilitate human health and well-being in this environment. The group will propose relevant areas of interest to SCAR and COMNAP.
  • The Group may establish subgroups to consider particular aspects of its sphere of interest.
  • The Group may apply through the SSG-LS to SCAR, and to COMNAP for funding to support the Group’s activities.
  • The Group will work to encourage the development of regional networks to foster international cooperation. Networks may arrange meetings, inviting members to attend.
  • The Group will meet as required to present research findings (usually in association with SCAR OSC or COMNAP) and / or to work cooperatively on a particular task or area of interest.
  • The chair or the Group will submit an annual report to SCAR and COMNAP.​

Information on the 2020 meetings & events of the JEGHBM

The SCAR Open Science Conference (OSC) and the COMNAP Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Symposium, will all be held in Hobart, Australia, in early August 2020. As part of the series of meetings and events, the JEGHBM asks members to note the following:

1 August: The JEGHBM business meeting.

6-8 August 2020: the JEGBHM symposium
Will be a real showcase for quality research into remote healthcare provision and delivery in austere environments, including diving and Antarctica as a space analogue.

  • 6th will be two sessions as part of the SCAR OSC. CLOSING DATE FOR ABSTRACT submission into these two sessions is 6 March 2020, see:​
  • 7th will be a COMNAP post-AGM session incorporating  sessions on remote diving.
  • 8th is a session at the Australian Antarcic Division with a focus on Antarctica as a space analogue.

You can register for the OSC and through your national Antarctic program for the AGM at Also, if you are thinking of joining any of the events/meetings in Hobart, please let Mike Dinn know, at .

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Hobart in August!

The SCAR COMNAP JEGHBM Poster no 21 SCAR Open Science Conference 2016:

A copy of the outcomes of the Joint Expert Group on Human Biology and Medicine (JEGHBM) Telemedicine Workshop (August 2015, Tromso, Norway) can be downloaded here:

Outcome JEGHBM Antarctic Telemedicine Summary Workshop Summary 26August2015