Marine Platforms Expert Group

Marine Platforms Expert Group

Expert Group Leader: Miguel Ojeda
EXCOM Oversight: ​Gen Hashida & Charlton Clark

Welcome to the Marine Platforms Expert Group website.

Terms of Reference (2018)

  • Share National Antarctic Program expertise on marine science support
    • Create synergies amongst National Antarctic Programs on marine research topics in Antarctica
    • Identify co‐operative programs of scientific or technical matters that concern vessels managed from National Antarctic Programs
    • Facilitate cooperation between National Antarctic Programs in the support of marine science programs
  • Share National Antarctic Programs’ facilities and infrastructures information
    • Enable National Antarctic Programs to show their capacities to facilitate marine science (research ships, marine observatories, etc)
    • Share experiences and lessons learned in marine operations (protocols, guidance, etc)
    • Identify and advise National Antarctic Programs on new technologies in marine science support (navigation, research equipment, vehicles (ROV, AUV, gliders), remote sensing, etc)
  • Report and advance relevant issues regarding ships and safety in navigation
    • Extend knowledge on health, safety & environment (HSE)
    • Facilitate cooperation and coordination in marine Search and Rescue (SAR) operations
    • Assess and evaluate relevant recommendations and measures in regards to maritime and navigation issues
  • Advise and inform all Members on maritime and marine science issues arising from the Antarctic Treaty System
  • Create synergies with other COMNAP Expert Groups, especially the Science Facilitation Expert Group.

The 21st Meeting of the International Ice Charting Working Group Executive Summary Report is available here.