The COMNAP Antarctic Flight Information Manual (AFIM)

The COMNAP Antarctic Flight Information Manual (AFIM)

AFIM Status

The AFIM is no longer being produced in paper/hard copy format. The new format is as a PDF file.

AFIM (PDF) is now available to COMNAP Member National Antarctic Programs and their affliate organisations. Paper revision sets are no longer being produced. The final paper AFIM revision was Revision 1-14 (21 Feb 2014).

COMNAP Member National Antarctic Programs can use their Member’s username and password to access the AFIM PDF from the Member’s Only webpage of the COMNAP website at any time.

All others who wish to enquire in regards to accessing the AFIM PDF, should contact their affliate National Antarctic Program, the relevant National Competent Authority, or send an email to: Access and subscription charges for AFIM PDF will apply.

Current AFIM PDF Release is: COMNAP-AFIM-21-01 (15 September 2021)

Important note on AFIM and air access to Antarctica

The publication of details of the facilities, services and supplies described in the COMNAP AFIM does not imply any right of use. The facilities are established and maintained by National Antarctic Programs and other operators strictly for their own use – they are not designed or provided for use by others. Prior agreement must be obtained to use facilities maintained by another operator, and requests must comply with the procedures for coordination, approval and information described in the manual’s Appendix 2.

Furthermore, the relevant legal instruments and authorisation procedures adopted by the states party to the Antarctic Treaty regulating access to the Antarctic Treaty Area, that is to all areas between 60 and 90 degrees of latitude South, have to be complied with. For more information, contact the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat – see contact details at

The Antarctic Treaty has adopted through Resolution 2 (2004) guidelines for the operation of aircraft near concentrations of birds in Antarctica. The text of these guidelines is provided in the AFIM as Appendix 3, and can also be found in the Publications section of the COMNAP website.