The Antarctic Flight Information Manual (AFIM)


AFIM Status

The last revision of AFIM is Revision 1-14. It was mailed out to all current subscribers on 21-Feb-2014.
Manual holders can check that their manuals are up-to-date by checking the log of pages (see below). 

What is AFIM

COMNAP collated information on aircraft activities in Antarctica that was used to publish an AFIM in 1991. The manual includes details of all established landing sites for fixed and rotary wing aircraft in Antarctica including information on navigation aids, meteorological services, communications frequencies, etc. In 1995 the AFIM was re-designed and printed by a company specialising in producing aircraft flight manuals. COMNAP retains the publisher and copyright authority for AFIM and maintains the currency of information through annual revisions.

How to obtain copies and receive revisions

The printed Manual comes ready to place into a small binder about 180 x 230 x 40mm. Revisions for subscribers are issued about once a year. Manuals are available through the COMNAP Secretariat - For enquiries or to place an order, email the COMNAP secretariat at sec@comnap.aq

When placing an order via the order form, please specify:

  • number of new manuals needed
  • contact details for delivery of manual and/or future revisions
  • credit card details.

AFIM Prices

Prices below are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

Non-COMNAP Members:

External (non-COMNAP members) organisations or individuals can purchase AFIM copies as follows:
  • Purchase of a new AFIM (per copy):
    • if sent by standard mail: NZD 450.00
    • if you require shipment by trackable priority air service (eg Express Post International, UPS, Fedex, DHL..): NZD 600.00
  • Revision Service (not currently available to new subscribers)
New 5-year revision services are currently not being accepted. All those with existing subscriptions will receive revisions when they are produced. This is due to our intention to map AFIM over to an electronic format in the near future, so paper revision sets will not be produced in future.

COMNAP Members:

Each National Antarctic Program member of COMNAP can obtain AFIM and receive revisions as follows:
  • Three manuals free of charge.
  • Any additional or replacement manual at the price of NZD 450.00 each (including delivery).
  • All future revisions, for any number of manuals still held and maintained, free of charge.

Important note on air access to Antarctica

The publication of details of the facilities, services and supplies described in the COMNAP Antarctic Flight Information Manual (AFIM) does not imply any right of use. The facilities are established and maintained by National Antarctic Programs and other operators strictly for their own use - they are not designed or provided for use by others. Prior agreement must be obtained to use facilities maintained by another operator, and requests must comply with the procedures for coordination, approval and information described in the manual's Appendix 6.

Furthermore, the relevant legal instruments and authorisation procedures adopted by the states party to the Antarctic Treaty regulating access to the Antarctic Treaty Area, that is to all areas between 60 and 90 degrees of latitude South, have to be complied with. For more information, contact the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat - see contact details at www.ats.aq.

The Antarctic Treaty has adopted through Resolution 2 (2004) guidelines for the operation of aircraft near concentrations of birds in Antarctica. The text of these guidelines is provided in the AFIM as Appendix 7, and can also be found in the Publications section of the COMNAP web site.

AFIM revisions issued

The 1995 edition of AFIM (dated 10-Nov-1995) has been revised through the revisions shown below.
Manuals holders can check if their manuals are up-to-date using the Revisions_Log_21Feb2014.pdf. These show the exact list of pages that should be in the AFIM after a given revision has been applied, with the date that should appear on each page.
  • Revision 1-14 (21-Feb-2014)
  • Revision 1-13 (15-Feb-2013)​
  • Revision 3-11 (18-Nov-2011)
  • Revision 2-11 (11-Nov-2011) Note: This is a reissue of sheets to ensure proper distribution of those sheets.
  • Revision 1-11 (04-Feb-2011)
  • Revision 1-2008 (24-Oct-2008)
  • Revision 1-2007 (21-Sep-2007)
  • Revision 3-2006 (06-Oct-2006)
  • Revision 2-2006 (22-Sep-2006)
  • Revision 1-2006 (13-Jan-2006)
  • Revision 3-2005 (23-Sep-2005)
  • Revision 2-2005 (28-Jan-2005)
  • Revision 1-2005 (14-Jan-2005)
  • Revision 1-2003 (05-Sep-2003)
  • Revision 1-2002 (16-Aug-2002)
  • Revision 1-2001 (28-Sep-2001)
  • Revision 1-2000 (22-Sep-2000)
  • Revision 1-99 (24-Sep-1999)
  • Revision 1-98 (30-Oct-1998)
  • Revision 9-97 (19-Sep-1997)
  • Revision 8-97 (01-Aug-1997)
  • Revision 1-96 (06-Dec-1996)