Antarctica New Zealand

Photo: B Goodsell, Antarctica New Zealand Pictorial Collection

About New Zealand’s National Antarctic Program

COMNAP Representative (MNAP): Sarah Williamson, Chief Executive​
(DMNAP): Simon Trotter, General Manager Antarctic Operations

Antarctica New Zealand is the Crown Entity responsible for developing, managing and executing New Zealand Government activities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, in particular the Ross Dependency. Antarctica New Zealand manages Scott Base, New Zealand’s Antarctic research station. It maintains New Zealand’s operational presence in the Ross Dependency for the benefit of present and future generations of New Zealanders. Key activities include supporting scientific research, conserving the intrinsic values of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and raising public awareness (in part through arts, media and youth programmes) of the international significance of the continent.​

About the Organizational Structure of the New Zealand National Antarctic Program​

Antarctica New Zealand reports to the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Antarctic Policy Unit. There is an appointed six member board, 30 permanent staff in Christchurch and a team of temporary staff, including secondments from the New Zealand Defence Force, at Scott Base. The temporary staff, of between ten and fifty depending on the time of year and the level of activity, fall into two categories – those who are at Scott Base for the summer season (October to February) and those who winter-over (October to October). Some Christchurch staff also spend the summer season at Scott Base supporting the research, and groups at the Base and in the field.

Antarctica New Zealand’s head office is at the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, which also houses the United States and Italian Antarctic programmes. The Chief Executive and staff responsible for the objectives of Antarctica New Zealand are accommodated at the centre.

Each year Antarctica New Zealand recruits staff for Scott Base. Some appointments are for summer only, while others winter-over. The New Zealand Defence Force seconds specialist personnel to Antarctica who are an essential part of the staff of the Base. Scott Base staff belong to one of three specialist teams. These are:

  • Base Services: responsible for all administrative and domestic activities at Scott Base;
  • Engineering: responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of buildings, services, plant, and vehicles at Scott Base;
  • Programme Support: responsible for supporting all New Zealand science projects and field activities.

Our total annual budget for the New Zealand Antarctic Programme is $24.7 million New Zealand dollars which consists of $17 million New Zealand dollars in science support and $7.7 million New Zealand dollars from the Ministry of Science and Innovation/NZ Universities/Crown Research Institutes.

Our Science Program​

New Zealand’s Antarctic scientists are not employees of Antarctica New Zealand. They are primarily from New Zealand Universities and Crown Research Institutes. They apply through a competitive round for logistics support and science funding administered by Antarctica New Zealand. Typically, Antarctica New Zealand supports an annual programme of approximately 200 science event personnel. Their science must fall within the New Zealand Antarctic and Southern Ocean science strategy which was officially launched in Parliament by Hon Kate Wilkinson, Minister of Conservation on 27 April 2011. The document can be read or downloaded at​

Our Contact Details

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Antarctica New Zealand

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Antarctica New Zealand
Administration Building
International Antarctic Centre
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Scott Base

Phone: (+642) 409 6700
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