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About Poland’s National Antarctic Program

COMNAP Representative (MNAP): Agnieszka Kruszewska
(DMNAP): Dariusz Puczko

Since, January 2012, Poland’s National Antarctic Program operates out of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Polish Academy of Science (PAS) in the Department of Antarctic Biology. The Polish National Antarctic Program is responsible for the upkeep of Polish Antarctic Station, H. Arctowski, providing logistical support for Polish Antarctic research and organizing polar expeditions. The Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics a non-profit organization which is government-funded. Most of the grants are received from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, or from the National Science Centre.

Polish Antarctic Station H. Arctowski, was built in 1977. It is located on King George Island in the South Shetland Islands. The station is open year-round with a maximum capacity of 13 persons in the winter and 35 in the summer. There are also refuges and field camps available.

Organizational Structure

Working to establish the science program, the Committee on Polar Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CPR PAS, www.kbp.pan.pl), was established in 1975. This group of 28 scientific institutions in Poland works toward coordinating and conducting research in polar regions. This is done by stimulating national interest through public awareness, promoting international cooperation, sourcing patronage and publishing results in the Polish Polar Research magazine (current issues – www.versita.com/ppr , archive – www.polish.polar.pan.pl/). There are over 100 polish scientists and 500 students involved in these efforts in Antarctica.

Logistical support is provided by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education funds under the Special Projects and Research Devices. The Polish Antarctic Program receives 4 million PLN per year (1 million €) for management of the station.

Our Science Program

Scientists working for the Polish Antarctic Program are employees of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS and also of other Research Institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences and Universities. Science projects running within the Polish Antarctic Program apply through a competitive peer review process in which national experts evaluate their quality. All Polish projects presently are founded by grants of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Higher Education. Biology, ecology, climatology and Earth sciences are the main focus of the Polish Antarctic Program. Long-term monitoring programs exist for ecology, meteorology and glaciology. International collaboration is a key part of Polish Antarctic Program. Recently, we signed agreements on scientific cooperation with Bulgaria, Brazil, India, Russia, and Ukraine.

You can find more information on our programs at: www.english.pan.pl and on the Committee on Polar Research of the Polar Academy of Sciences (CPR PAS) at: www.kbp.pan.pl and on Polish Antarctic Station H. Arctowski at www.arctowski.pl.

Our Contact Details

www.arctowski.pl / www.ibb.waw.pl

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