Programa Antartico Brasileiro (PROANTAR)

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About Brazil’s National Antarctic Program

COMNAP Representative (MNAP): Antonio Cesar da Rocha Martins
(DMNAP): Rodrigo Cersosimo Kristochek

Scientific research in Antarctica, which Brazil has been engaged in since the late nineteenth century, is of undoubted importance for understanding the functioning of the Earth’s ecosystem. Clarifying the complex interactions between the global natural processes and the Antarctic processes is therefore essential for the preservation of life itself.

Brazil’s condition as an Atlantic country situated at relative proximity to the Antarctic region, and the influences of natural phenomena that occur on that continent on our national territory, from the outset, justify Brazil’s historical interest in the southern continent.

These circumstances, as well as strategic geopolitical and economic factors led to Brazil’s joining the Antarctic Treaty in 1975, and initiating the Brazilian Antarctic Program (PROANTAR) IN 1982. Brazil’s entry into the Antarctic Treaty System has created opportunities for the national scientific community to participate in activities which, along with space and seafloor exploration, are the last great frontiers of international science. In the context outlined above, the Brazilian Antarctic Program establishes how Brazil will participate in scientific explorations of this continent, in view of its importance to humanity.

The “Comandante Ferraz” Antarctic Station (EACF), located in Keller Peninsula, within the Admiralty Bay, (King George Island) was establised in 1984.The Station, which was occupied continuously since 1986, suffered a fire on February 25, 2012. Such an incident was without precedence in the history of 30 years of PROANTAR.

Despite this, scientific research continues with the available resources, the polar ship Almirante Maximiano and the oceanographic support ship Ary Rongel. Brazil also maintains its ten support flights using C-130 aircraft from the Brazilian Air Force and with strong scientific cooperation with other countries in Antarctica.

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