COMNAP Projects

COMNAP has developed a three-year workplan which reflects the key issues in regards to the Antarctic in the next several years. This three-year workplan is used to develop projects that assist our Members and also may assist the Antarctic Treaty System by developing practical, technical and non-political advice.

The current projects and the project managers are:

Strategic Projects 2020-2021

COMNAP Database
Project manager: ​​​Andrea Colombo
EXCOM: Michelle Rogan-Finnemore

New Vessel Builds
Project manager: ​​Michelle Rogan-Finnemore
EXCOM:​ Manuel Burgos

Antarctic Aviation
Project manager: ​​​Paul Sheppard
EXCOM: Michelle Rogan-Finnemore

COMNAP Asset Tracking System (CATs)​
Project manager: Robb Clifton
EXCOM: John Guldahl

Efficiency Task Force: Peninsula
Project manager: ​Antonio Quesada
EXCOM: Agnieszka Kruszewska​

Fire Safety and Suppression Systems
Project managers: ​Simon Trotter & Mike Gencarelli
EXCOM: Agnieszka Kruszewska​